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Perpetual Trophy Acceptance Form

Select the Trophy/ies you are signing for
  • All entrants are eligible to be win these awards, however only RRCQ Club members, in good standing will be permitted to take trophies and hold them for year, irrespective of where such a member resides.

  • Non-RRCQ members will be restricted to being photographed with the trophy at the award ceremony. 

  • All the names of winners, irrespective of membership status will be engraved / added to trophies / cups / plates and shields.

  • It is provision for all trophies to be returned to the RRCQ is same condition in which they were issued.

  • Returning trophies will be at the expense of the holder, irrespective of the method used.  It is preferred that trophies are returned to the RRCQ’s Perpetual Trophy steward in person, if however, it is not possible, the holder will ensure that the trophy is sent via registered mail (with tracking numbers) and/or via courier and in such instances (Auspost or courier) the holder shall insure, at their expense, the trophy for the full replacement value of the Trophy. 

  • The value may be obtained from the RRCQ’s Perpetual Trophy steward, and the sender will provide proof of such insurance along with the parcel tracking information prior to sending the trophy. 

  • Failure to comply with these requirements will render the current holder fully liable for the full replacement value of the trophy.

  • Similarly, any trophy that is returned to the RRCQ and found to be damaged in any way, will render the current holder liable for repair / replacement costs. 

  • The value of a trophy, cup, plate or shield will be determined at the sole discretion of the RRCQ and will include costs associated with replacement, re-engraving and any other such costs as the RRCQ may deem reasonable to replace / repair a trophy, cup, plate or shield.

Failure to accept these terms and conditions will restrict a winner to being photographed with a trophy.

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