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Why should I only inquire with Registered Breeders about Puppies?

When Breeders register they'll be issued a Breeder Registration Number (BRN). Their BRN must be listed in any advertisements they post, when selling a dog. This means they are entitled to breed and sell dogs or cats. It also enables new Pet Owners to contact the Breeder, if any issues arise with the pet, after sale.  Being a registered breeder also means they are exempt from the new requirement to desex puppies and kittens born after 1 July 2018.

Who is a "registered dog breeder" in Australia?

A Breeder who is verified as being an accepted Member of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). Upon registration they are given a Breeder Identification Number (BIN) or a Breeder Registration Number (BRN) this is provided by an approved breeder organisation that accredits dog breeders.

By law, Queensland Breeders should have both a Supply Number and Membership with their State ANKC Body. If the Queensland puppies are bred by a Queensland Primary Producer to be kept by any primary producer as working dogs, then a Supply Number is not required. 

The ANKC is the national breeder body in Australia.  Each State of Australia have their own State body that are also members of the ANKC.

The ANKC and State members have set a range of rules, regulations, standards, and policies in relation to breeding of dogs in Australia, mainly centred around purebred breeds.

What does the ANKC do?

The ANKC and its Member Bodies are committed to the improvement of the Health and Welfare of Pedigree Dogs.

Why does there need to be breed standards?

  • Animal Welfare reasons - To ensure a genetic quality is passed on to future dog generations so that pets can live their happiest and healthiest life. Some dogs are born with problems that impact their quality of life, either at birth or as they grow and develop.

  • Financial and Emotional reasons - Pet Owners want to enjoy their life with a healthy pet. Purchasing a puppy who later requires expensive operations, the Owner’s time off work, the stress associated with watching their beloved pet require a pet wheel chair in order to be mobile, can be quite upsetting.

  • Temperament Reasons - Pet Owners want assurance that a breed will likely exhibit a certain nature as it affects their dog’s behaviour.

How to check if someone is a registered dog breeder?

You ask the breeder for their Member Registration Number and search the register on your State body’s website.

How to find registered dog breeders?

To find a registered dog breeder in your State, go to your ANKC State body website.

What is a Breed Standard?

A Breed standard is how a breed should look in markings, size, shape, and also temperament and is a genetic pattern used by breeders in their attempts to breed typical specimens of the breed. Show or Competition Judges in assess dogs at an event based on their breed standard and ability.

Can I ask for my pup to be DNA tested?

Yes, some breeders will do this for you, or you can buy your own DNA test kit online or from some Pet Stores. DNA Testing will help you test for potential problems with hips, elbows, eyes, skin and colouring.

Why Register your dog with a ANKC Member body?

Some reasons include:

  1. Registration with a Member body is relevant if you want your dog to one day to formally compete in sports to win a title of some sort. 

  2. Or if you want to formally show your dog on parade at a Breeder Show to win a title.

  3. Or if you want to breed and sell puppies. Your Member registration will indicate to Pet Owners that you adhere to the breed standard and ethical practices when breeding. This becomes particularly important for those who rely on working dogs to earn their livelihood Eg. Farmers go to a working Dog Auction who want proof of a good breeding background so that strong characteristics are more guaranteed.

Do I still have to register my dog with Council?

Yes. Local Council registration entirely different and is for Owner identification purposes and assists you with recovering your dog if they escape.

Are all dog breeders registered?

The responsible breeders are.  Some breeders pretend to be registered when they are not.

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