June 9, 2019

Awarded to the dog attaining the best results over a max. of 12 All-Breed shows


The Encouragement Award was donated by Lisa and Ray (Fred) Smith for competition throughout the year at Championship All Breeds Shows. Only Queensland resident members’ dogs are eligible. The award is presented to the dog gaining the highest aggregate points.

Points are awarded for:

Best in Show 25 points

Runner Up in Show 22 points

Class in Show 18 points

Best in Group 15 points

Runner Up in Group 12 points

Class in Group 10 points

Best of Breed 5 points

Challenge 2 points.

Points are not cumulative at any one show, so that dog being awarded Challenge, Best of Breed, Best in Group and Best in Show would gain 25 point only at the show i.e. the highest category only, not a combination of all wins at that one show. The number of scores to be submitted is twelve (12), less than 12 results is acceptable but 12 is the maximum. Any Championship All Breeds Shows held between 1 January and 31 December are included in this award.

The Foxridge Trophy is a perpetual trophy and as such is presented at the AGM each year and held by the winner until required for the following AGM. To be eligible for the Foxridge Trophy, results must be submitted in writing by the dog’s owner, addressed to the Secretary, and received no later than the 8th of January. Results information should include: name of dog, name of owner, name of breeder, names of shows, names of judges, highest award at each show and number of points for which show award is eligible.


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